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Nail Nipper Half Head Cutter 14cm

Nail Nipper Half Head Cutter 14cm

$55.00 ex GST

1- Size: 14cm    2- Head Cutter
3- Box-Joint       4- Plain Handle
5- With Lock      6- Double Spring
7- Satin Finish

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Springs of all nail clippers are assembled with screws which can be easily replaced. Double spring provides smooth floating movements without effort.

All handles are designed for professional work. They provide great control.

Our instruments are made from very high quality medical grade stainless steel which is some of the very best in the world and is a grade which can be hardened to allow a longer instrument life. In an effort to reduce corrosion and still retain the hardness of the instruments they are chemically treated (passivated).This process reduces the effects of of chemicals used to clean, disinfect and sterilize them.

Fully tempered box-joints maintain Nail Clipper alignment. The points meet perfectly when closed so that it is possible to use the whole cutting edge. Every instrument conforms exactly to the shape and the master pattern.

Useful Steps:

1. Never open and close hinged instruments until they have cooled after autoclaving to stop hinges seizing.
2. Make sure all instruments are dry before storage.
3. Always run full washing cycles to make sure all detergents are washed from box joints and hinges in all instruments.
4. Remove barrel springs from instruments before processing.
5. Make sure instruments are in the open position to minimise cracking in the steel.
6. Make sure all residue is removed from instruments after procedures before allowing it to dry.
7. Never wash instruments with a wire brush or scourer always use a nylon or soft brush.

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