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About ProSharp

ProSharp Podiatry Instruments

Prosharp Podiatry is part of Prosharp Sharpening Services which is a small country based business in Taree in New South Wales. The company was started in 1975 so has been around for a fair while. Prosharp services customers needs from all over Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

While we sharpen all types of surgical instruments and equipment we specialize in resurrecting, remanufacturing, repairing and sharpening Podiatry instruments and in particular Nail Clippers. We have found a lot of very poor quality instruments on the market for sale at highly inflated prices and have therefore after doing market research started selling our own range of instruments which we guarantee are of the highest quality and which can be used over and over again for many years. medical grade steel is used in the manufacture of our instruments.

We are in constant contact with our manufacturers and are therefore able to meet the needs of our customers. If you do not see it on our site, please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with us and we will endeavor to full fill your needs.

Prosharp Podiatry Instruments

Instrument Manufacturing

Our instruments are all made from German Stainless steel which is of a premium medical grade.

Our highly skilled workforce produces quality instruments carefully and with great technical skill, sensitivity, and attention to detail. Throughout the production process, the quality is controlled and each individual product passes through a comprehensive final inspection from our team of dentists before delivery. We strive to create high quality standards worldwide. Prosharp is committed to provide top quality Dental Instruments to its customers at competitive prices and ensures fast delivery from our Sydney Warehouse.

The Result

Small masterpieces made from steel, which also meets the highest professional standards and proves themselves through their function, aesthetics, ergonomics and long-term precision cutting ability. In addition, the product properties such as hardness, robustness and corrosion resistance significantly determine the performance, reliability, and durability of the instruments. From the very first look, excellent craftsmanship and eye-catching appearance of our instruments produce the right impression. Using only the medical grade stainless steel and precise finishing processes ensures that our instruments are made to last and are highly appreciated by Dentist all over Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.