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Important Cost Saving Information

 Prosharp Sharpening Services developed methods to successfully sharpen, repair and remanufacture Podiatry instruments such as nail clippers and nail splitters. We have a range of spare parts for all of the different brands. We have nearly 1000 happy clients who use our service and quite a lot are repeat customers. A basic clipper sharpening costs $18.00 and we loosen tight hinges and repair bent cutting tips. Instruments can be posted or couriered to our premises. Give us a try.



Instrument Size - Please think about it!

After talking to Podiatrists young and old l have come to realize what a problem RSI is.

We have found from the conferences and trade shows a lot of people are using the wrong size instruments for the size of their hands with this affecting woman in particular. 
On our online store, we sell different sizes which may help with these problems. Most people with smaller hands like the feel of the 13cm instruments rather than the big 15cm instruments they are currently using.