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Loosen-Up Hinge Loosener and Instrument Polish

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Loosen-Up Hinge Loosener and Instrument Polish
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We have a new product on the market call Loosen-Up to help

Podiatrists and other health professionals maintain their instruments in

optimum operating condition.

This product is desgined to loosen tight hinges on instruments which

have a residue build up in the hinge or a tight hinge and will not open

and close properly.

This product is easy to use and more importantly , water soluble,

allowing for easy clean up after use.

Because Loosen-Up is mildly abrasive, it can also be used as an

instruments polish and will remove light scratching and tea staining

(brownish discolouration) on instruments easily.



Directions for use

Shake bottle vigorously. Apply one to each hinge on the

instrument and operated (open and close) the instrument so that the

Loosen Up solution can penetrate the area. Repeat this until the hinge

loosens up.

A drop of water may also be added to the area to help the product

Penetrate stubborn hinges more quickly.

Once the hinge is operating normally, wash the instrument thoroughly

In warm water with a little detergent added and operate the instrument

While still immersed to flush the area being treated as a precaution.

While Loosen Up is quite safe to use, we recommend gloves and

Safety glasses be worn while using this product.

A full MSDS is available on request.


Instrument Specifications

Instrument Specifications

Size No
Length No
Jaw Size No
Joint No
Plain No
Jaw No
Point No
Finish No
Ring No
Surface No
Screw No
Springs No
Lock No
Handle No
Working End No
Serration No
T.C No
Shape No


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